Tennessee Dirt Devil 11th-13th of October

This will be the Veterans back 40 Adventure’s inaugural Tennessee event held the beautiful Natchez Trace parkway. We want to give Veterans on the eastern side of the states the opportunity to take part in the fun. We will be taking two days to complete the famous “Tennessee Dirt Devil route”. This off-road adventure trail is over 200 miles of beautiful country scenery, waterfalls, creek crossings, and overlook bluffs. We are looking for 8 veterans for this awesome trip to come rip some of the best roads and trails southwestern Tennessee has to offer. All you have to do is sign up, show up, be dedicated to attending both days and let us take care of the rest.

This event will officially start the evening of Friday the 11th 1830 hrs so that most participants can get settled into the campsite and get introduced to other veterans and staff members. It is understandable that most participants work on Fridays so we understand if you show up at a later time. If all participants show up Friday by 2000 hrs we will try and do a small night ride to the start of the event. (Remember, once you arrive we cover food, fuel, lodging)

Scheduled event
0700- Breakfast
0800- Ride safety briefing/Introduction
0900- Ride start (Total daily mileage, 100 miles)
1200-1300 Lunch
1800- Arrive at camp/ Cleanup /Dinner/ Activities

0700- Breakfast
0800- Ride safety briefing
0900- Ride start (Approximately 100 miles)
1200-1300 Lunch
1800hrs Arrive at camp/break camp/Farewell till another ride

Suggested Packing list- Tent/sleeping bag/Sleeping mat/Hammock, Toiletries/Baby wipes, Headlamp,Flashlight,Toolkit/Extra inner tube,Bug spray,Extra snacks,Phone, Camera, Helmet, Gloves, Waterproof Pants/Jacket/gloves(several water crossings on route),Change of clothes, Sunglasses or Eye protection,Shoes/Flip flops

If a medical emergency arises, one of our staff members will contact 911. We will also carry two separate first aid kits on each ride. All participants attending the VB40A rides will at all-time wear proper D.O.T helmets, gloves, jacket, and ankle supporting boots while operating motorcycle. A VB40A staff member will check your gear each day to ensure that all equipment is safe for that day’s ride. If any equipment fails or is not working properly, please notify one of the staff members immediately.
If you are participating in a VB40A ride and using VB40A equipment, Its is requested that a proper PMCS( preventive maintenance, checks, and services) is conducted on your Motorcycle. A staff member will also each day prior to the ride, check your motorcycle to ensure that your motorcycle is safe to operate on the roadway. It is also your responsibility to notify of any problems that happen to the bike along the way.

Veterans Back 40 Adventure is a 501(c)3 non-profit D.B.A as Warfighter Outfitters is originally based out of the Pacific Northwest with a subchapter in the Tennessee region. Our mission is to help veterans build an ongoing community of support and camaraderie by utilizing recreational motorcycle therapy. You might not per se have “problems” but your battle buddy attending our event might need the camaraderie to help him get unstuck.
Our staff consists of current and previous military personnel and select professionals who are passionate about the welfare of veterans. Our program uses the term “dirt therapy” to describe our process of relieving the daily stresses our veterans encounter. Our program utilizes dual-sport and off-road motorcycles to take veterans on multi-day off-road adventures. The adventures are provided with no cost to the veteran.

Sign up here on eventbrite! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tennessee-dirt-devil-veterans-back-40-adventure-tickets-69497957261

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