Veterans Back 40 Adventure Gifford Pinchot Ride

This event will officially start at 1600 hrs on the 20th of September and ends Sunday Evening.  This is our first official plated/street legal dirt bike Veterans event.  We will be riding Intermediate to Advanced Single Track trails in what many consider to be the premier trail system in Washington State.  We will have 2 seperate guides depending on your skill level.  This isn’t the time to ride over your head, the Advanced trails do have serious penalties if you have an off trail experience.

Friday evening we will do some riding on the campgrounds, maybe do a little bit of coaching to help prepare for Saturdays ride.  Following that we will have a nice social fire and some BBQ to go along with adult beverages.

We will be providing Breakfast and Dinner.  We will also have 3 plated dirt bikes on hand if you dont already have one.  Please bring appropriate riding gear, proper dirt bike boots are required, as is a full faced helmet.  We do recomend additional armor such as knee pads/braces, upper body armor, and goggles.

Our end goal is to challange, engage, and bulid comrodery with this event.

This event will officially start the evening of Friday the 20th at 1600hrs so that most participants can get settled into the campsite and get introduced to other veterans and staff members. It is understandable that most participants work on Fridays so we understand if you show up at a later time. If you anticipate arriving after 2000hrs, please let us know ahead of time as we have limited cell coverage.

Scheduled event
Friday Evening time TBD-a little goof around ride on the campgrounds followed by a nice social hour around the campfire. Dinner will, starts once we have the majority of riders on site. Late arrivals, we will do our best to keep chow warm.
0700- Breakfast
0800- Ride safety briefing/Introduction
0900- Ride start
Lunch pack a lunch, we will not be returning to camp until the ride is over.
1800ish- Arrive at camp/ Cleanup /Dinner/ Activities
0700- Breakfast
0800- Ride safety briefing
0900- Ride start
Lunch on trail
1500ishhrs Arrive at camp/break camp/Farewell till another ride

Suggested Packing list- Tent/sleeping bag/Sleeping mat/Hammock, Toiletries/Baby wipes, there are trailer hookups for power and water, no dump for black tank. Headlamp,Flashlight,Toolkit/Extra inner tube,Bug spray,Extra snacks,Phone, Camera, Helmet, Gloves, Waterproof Pants/Jacket/glove/Boots(preferably motocross-style),Change of clothes, Sunglasses or Eye protection,Shoes/Flip flops.
There is a shower and porcelain throne on sight.

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