our guides

The crew behind Veteran’s back 40 Adventure has an immense amount of technical experience and a vast history of riding, racing, instruction, and mechanical abilities. Other than being Veterans, our staff has the right attitude and willingness to help you on your trip whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro behind the bars.

Morgan Northrup
Founder, US Army
2005 Suzuki DR650

After deploying to Iraq, contracting in Kuwait, and a career in law enforcement, Morgan had a rough bought with depression and PTSD. In 2015 he found getting into the woods on a motorcycle was the cure. With the help of his wife and brother they crafted VB40.

Bryan Mitchell
Trail guide, Marine Corps
2018 Beta 430 RR-S

Bryan is an avid motorcyclist and outdoorsman. “Spending as much time as possible outside in nature is of high importance to me. Getting to spend some of that time with my Veteran brothers and sisters just makes it that much sweeter. Come out with us, let’s go for a ride!”

Kyle Cooper

David McDermott

Keith Dishong