VB40 Tillamook State Forest Weekend Ride

Lets Cheese the day and set your mind at cheese! Tillamook State forest has some great Cheese that comes out of those mountains. They also have some amazing riding with the best views. Nothing gets Cheddar than this event! No matter how you slice it, this weekend event will be great. Remember with VB40ADV, You don’t have to ride prov-alone.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/warfighter-outfitters-13245041797
WHO: Veterans, Supporters, and Family
WHAT: Weekend dual sport/OHV/ATV trail ride and campout
WHEN: 21st August 1700 – 23rd August 1200
WHERE: Tillamook State Forest, Oregon – near Lyda Camp OHV Staging Area (see coordinates below) Camping will be PRIMITIVE!
WHY: Our goal is, by offering riding and camaraderie opportunities, we can help do our part in reducing the 22 Veteran suicides a day.
The plan will be riding in and around the Lyda Camp OHV staging area on OHV style trails and forest service roads. Dual sport , off-road motorcycles, or ATV’s recommended. Saturday morning, we will have multiple options available, from difficult single track, to exploring on gravel roads, to an ATV group ride.
COST: There’s no event cost. An Oregon OHV or reciprocal State decal is required. Saturday evening, we will have a RAFFLE of various motorcycle items. BRING CASH! This money goes back into the program to help support future events.
NOTES: Due to COVID-19, please remember all government mandated requirements. As a result, we will not be providing food. Also, there is supposed to be a portable toilet installed at Lyda Camp prior to the event. However, be prepared for alternatives just in case.

Winom Creek OHV Campout/ Memorial Ride Oregon

Who: Veterans/Veterans Family/Civilian Supporters
What: This is an open invite to come ride some amazing Oregon Back Country.
Whether you ride dirt or street, side by sides come and join us. We will have guides available for both street and dirt on each day. This event is a potluck so bring something for the community gathering so that we can have a rad community cookout for Saturday evening.
Where: Winom Creek OHV Campground Oregon
Location Latitude : 45.011996 Longitude : -118.6385484 Elevation : 5000
Why: Ret Army Sgt. Jeremy Richardson Memorial ride
When: July 10th 1700 hrs -12th 1700hrs
Extra!!!! We will also be raffling off some GREAT MOTO STUFF!!
Open to Veterans, Family, and Civilians Supporters
50/50 Drawing. 1 free ticket with sign up $5 each extra ticket, Non reservable campsites are $10 a night, dispersed camping through out the forest is free.

Crooked Raven Virtual Rally

Another cool event put on by one of our very own staff members. Keith has created his first virtual rally in which proceeds help Veterans Back 40 Adventure. This event will be held in the warm state of Arizona in a 48 Hr time frame. The goal is to bring you and your friends and test your navigation skills. With winter in full swing, the warm weather of Arizona is the ideal riding environment for this event. Follow the link provided to get your slot or team slot.

Red River Scramble/ Veterans Back 40 Adventure Daniel Boone National Forest


This year we will be returning to Kentucky for the Red River Scramble. From May 15th- 17th 2020. This is a free event for all. We at Veterans Back 40 Adventure will be providing a guide, food, and fuel. This event brings riders from all over the region. Our goal is create strong veteran bonds with our campfire mentality. This event is open to 8 Veterans. Feel free to bring your family members too. If your family members do not ride, we will still provide a great event for them. Camp hosts will be exploring local natural attractions with other Veteran Families. Tickets open March 1st 2020

9th Annual Giant loop Crystal Crane Hot springs Dual sport/Adventure Bike Ride. June 5th- 7th


We are fortunate enough to have 5 spots available for the 9th Annual Giant Loop Crystal Crane Hot springs event. If you are a veteran of any military branch and are interested “Lets do this!” This event normally fills quickly. Please make sure your dates are clear before applying for this event. We will be guiding 5 Veterans on some of Oregon’s most beautiful areas to ride. We will take care of fuel, food and lodging cost.

Crystal Crane campground hosts one of natures coolest attractions. After a great day of riding you can enjoy a nice soak in crystal cranes natural hot spring. Our goals are to build strong relations with the Veteran community. Building long lasting trustful relationships with one another, and most importantly build comradery.

Veterans Back 40 Adventure Winter Retreat @ Anthony Lakes Oregon Feb. 24th 2020

We will be hosting 8-10 Veterans for a day on the slopes. If you ski or snowboard this will be the day not to miss. The goal for this mission is to unite the Veteran community by building bonds and comrodery. We will be skiing/snowboarding, Eating great food and completing some fun team building activities. Anthony lakes is a huge supporter to the Veteran community.

Who-VB40ADV participants

What- VB40ADV Winter Retreat

Where- Anthony Lakes Ski Resort 47500 Anthony Lakes Hwy, North Powder, OR 97867

Why- Give back to the Veterans community, Build strong bonds with other veterans and family

When February 24th 2020

Click Link for Tickets

VB40ADV Meet up with ADVrider.com and ride Trails/visit/camp NOV 15th-17th

Come hang with VB40ADV and ADVRIDER.com on November 15th- 17th. We will be discussing group rides around the campfire. Blaze from VB40ADV will be the contact for all veterans that want to attend. We hope to see you there!

You are responsible for yourself and your camping needs, but the staging area is huge plenty of room for all. If you decide to drive a rig, and can grab a tote/bundle of firewood from home it will help. Bring a beverage you can share, and your own food to cook. This will be much like the Crooked River camp out, except you can ride trails right from the campsite!!! If somebody wants to do more organization on food, rides, carpooling post it up on this thread and go for it. The last few years we set up at this exact spot and it was perfect…43.786062, -121.030585 (Paste that into Google Maps). There is a fire ring and picnic table there.

East Fort Rock has trails appropriate for Adventure Bikes to get some trail riding under their belt, and other trails that will challenge more advanced riders. It’s all well marked. It seems like a good place for a novice/beginner to learn to ride also, so no excuses. See the COHVOPS newsletter for the latest information and EFR trailmaps. Last year some of us rode Millican South on Sunday on the way home and that was AWESOME, and a nice change of pace!

Heavy Snow, Heavy Rain or Arctic Cold front, may cancel the camp out (or at least THIS rider), but it had better be EPIC. Even in “good” weather, expect cold temperatures at night so bring the “winter bag” or extra blankets etc. It was especially cold last year, so carry that extra layer.

Veterans Back 40 Adventure Gifford Pinchot Ride

This event will officially start at 1600 hrs on the 20th of September and ends Sunday Evening.  This is our first official plated/street legal dirt bike Veterans event.  We will be riding Intermediate to Advanced Single Track trails in what many consider to be the premier trail system in Washington State.  We will have 2 seperate guides depending on your skill level.  This isn’t the time to ride over your head, the Advanced trails do have serious penalties if you have an off trail experience.

Friday evening we will do some riding on the campgrounds, maybe do a little bit of coaching to help prepare for Saturdays ride.  Following that we will have a nice social fire and some BBQ to go along with adult beverages.

We will be providing Breakfast and Dinner.  We will also have 3 plated dirt bikes on hand if you dont already have one.  Please bring appropriate riding gear, proper dirt bike boots are required, as is a full faced helmet.  We do recomend additional armor such as knee pads/braces, upper body armor, and goggles.

Our end goal is to challange, engage, and bulid comrodery with this event.

This event will officially start the evening of Friday the 20th at 1600hrs so that most participants can get settled into the campsite and get introduced to other veterans and staff members. It is understandable that most participants work on Fridays so we understand if you show up at a later time. If you anticipate arriving after 2000hrs, please let us know ahead of time as we have limited cell coverage.

Scheduled event
Friday Evening time TBD-a little goof around ride on the campgrounds followed by a nice social hour around the campfire. Dinner will, starts once we have the majority of riders on site. Late arrivals, we will do our best to keep chow warm.
0700- Breakfast
0800- Ride safety briefing/Introduction
0900- Ride start
Lunch pack a lunch, we will not be returning to camp until the ride is over.
1800ish- Arrive at camp/ Cleanup /Dinner/ Activities
0700- Breakfast
0800- Ride safety briefing
0900- Ride start
Lunch on trail
1500ishhrs Arrive at camp/break camp/Farewell till another ride

Suggested Packing list- Tent/sleeping bag/Sleeping mat/Hammock, Toiletries/Baby wipes, there are trailer hookups for power and water, no dump for black tank. Headlamp,Flashlight,Toolkit/Extra inner tube,Bug spray,Extra snacks,Phone, Camera, Helmet, Gloves, Waterproof Pants/Jacket/glove/Boots(preferably motocross-style),Change of clothes, Sunglasses or Eye protection,Shoes/Flip flops.
There is a shower and porcelain throne on sight.


Tennessee Dirt Devil 11th-13th of October

This will be the Veterans back 40 Adventure’s inaugural Tennessee event held the beautiful Natchez Trace parkway. We want to give Veterans on the eastern side of the states the opportunity to take part in the fun. We will be taking two days to complete the famous “Tennessee Dirt Devil route”. This off-road adventure trail is over 200 miles of beautiful country scenery, waterfalls, creek crossings, and overlook bluffs. We are looking for 8 veterans for this awesome trip to come rip some of the best roads and trails southwestern Tennessee has to offer. All you have to do is sign up, show up, be dedicated to attending both days and let us take care of the rest.

This event will officially start the evening of Friday the 11th 1830 hrs so that most participants can get settled into the campsite and get introduced to other veterans and staff members. It is understandable that most participants work on Fridays so we understand if you show up at a later time. If all participants show up Friday by 2000 hrs we will try and do a small night ride to the start of the event. (Remember, once you arrive we cover food, fuel, lodging)

Scheduled event
0700- Breakfast
0800- Ride safety briefing/Introduction
0900- Ride start (Total daily mileage, 100 miles)
1200-1300 Lunch
1800- Arrive at camp/ Cleanup /Dinner/ Activities

0700- Breakfast
0800- Ride safety briefing
0900- Ride start (Approximately 100 miles)
1200-1300 Lunch
1800hrs Arrive at camp/break camp/Farewell till another ride

Suggested Packing list- Tent/sleeping bag/Sleeping mat/Hammock, Toiletries/Baby wipes, Headlamp,Flashlight,Toolkit/Extra inner tube,Bug spray,Extra snacks,Phone, Camera, Helmet, Gloves, Waterproof Pants/Jacket/gloves(several water crossings on route),Change of clothes, Sunglasses or Eye protection,Shoes/Flip flops

If a medical emergency arises, one of our staff members will contact 911. We will also carry two separate first aid kits on each ride. All participants attending the VB40A rides will at all-time wear proper D.O.T helmets, gloves, jacket, and ankle supporting boots while operating motorcycle. A VB40A staff member will check your gear each day to ensure that all equipment is safe for that day’s ride. If any equipment fails or is not working properly, please notify one of the staff members immediately.
If you are participating in a VB40A ride and using VB40A equipment, Its is requested that a proper PMCS( preventive maintenance, checks, and services) is conducted on your Motorcycle. A staff member will also each day prior to the ride, check your motorcycle to ensure that your motorcycle is safe to operate on the roadway. It is also your responsibility to notify of any problems that happen to the bike along the way.

Veterans Back 40 Adventure is a 501(c)3 non-profit D.B.A as Warfighter Outfitters is originally based out of the Pacific Northwest with a subchapter in the Tennessee region. Our mission is to help veterans build an ongoing community of support and camaraderie by utilizing recreational motorcycle therapy. You might not per se have “problems” but your battle buddy attending our event might need the camaraderie to help him get unstuck.
Our staff consists of current and previous military personnel and select professionals who are passionate about the welfare of veterans. Our program uses the term “dirt therapy” to describe our process of relieving the daily stresses our veterans encounter. Our program utilizes dual-sport and off-road motorcycles to take veterans on multi-day off-road adventures. The adventures are provided with no cost to the veteran.

Sign up here on eventbrite! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tennessee-dirt-devil-veterans-back-40-adventure-tickets-69497957261